3 things to think of when it comes to insurance

The insurance part can be tough and boring to get through. The first step is to find out what kind of insurance you actually need, and why. Our partner Marcus who is an adviser at Söderberg & Partners will help you with your first step on the way and he will also give you his three best tips when it comes to insurance. Enjoy!

Marcus says hi

For you as an entrepreneur it can be difficult to find the right insurance. But let me tell you this, if you are going to work in your customer’s systems, then it is a must and also worth both your money and time to get it right. Insurance is something you never really want until you absolutely need it.

In your role as a consultant, the most important insurance is konsultansvarsförsäkringen, which covers your company in the event of a claim of damages, a covers costs that may be incurred due to improperly performed services. Damage caused by advice from you or your work can be extensive and therefore becoming your responsibility. Note, if you are the owner of an enskild firma you are also personally responsible for the company’s finances and with that said, if your company (in the worst case scenario) would be sued, you would also be sued privately. 

The increased amount of cyberattacks over the last years has led to the development of the Cyber Insurance. Consultants who are mainly in need of this insurance are data- and IT consultants. Today, however, most companies have some form of exposure that can be protected by a cyber supplement. As a result, other consulting areas could need the supplement, depending on the area of business conducted by your customer. For a complete protection from damage due to a data breach and incorrect handling of personal data etc., I therefore always recommend a cyber supplement in your insurance.

3 things to think of when
it comes to insurance

↔ As a consultant, it is common to travel. Make sure that you have a travel insurance that also covers your personal property that you will carry with you on your business trips.

Regarding the konsultansvarsförsäkringen, remember that the covered amount  must be at least equal to the amount you sign up for in your contract with your client.

Cyber Intrusions are increasing drastically  both in number and the extent of their damage. If you handle personal data or records on your laptop then you should have a cyber insurance.


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We are teamed up with companies that we really like, trust and who we know are experts in their area, so that we can make your life as a freelancer a little bit easier. Söderberg & Partners is one of our collaboration that we are very happy and enthusiastic about! They have a simplified offer specially targeted at freelancers, to ensure that you are properly insured from the start. Interested  in knowing more? Contact Amanda, our Freelance Partner, amanda@tingent.se / 0720902852