Tingent welcomes more than 100 new shareholders in investment round

In May, we went out via a digital investment platform to carry out an investment round. When the capital raising round  closed, Tingent could welcome over 100 new shareholders. Among the new owners you can see most stakeholders from the industry, but also a couple of renowned investors such as Mika Lepistö and Petter Askergren.

Mattias Blohm, founder and CEO of Tingent, is impressed with the great interest that the round has generated:
We chose to give as many people as possible in our network the opportunity to join as a partner. It was a natural choice for us to do this via a digital investment platform because our entire business concept is based on a strong network. The idea is to create a breadth of Tingent ambassadors who are all at different levels in the market.

Tingent is a fast-growing company that provides cutting-edge expertise to the tech scene in Sweden with the goal of increasing the growth of its customers through the right skills. The company was founded in 2015 and has since more than doubled its turnover each year. The goal for the company is an international expansion and an IPO within 12-24 months.

Tingent was founded with the ambition to challenge the market and put the people in focus. Our network consists of consultants with absolute expertise in their respective fields. The developers are today’s superstars and just like in the sports world, they need agents and a team around them to be able to focus on what they are best at, says Linn Nyberg, marketing manager and co-owner of Tingent.

The investment round has resulted in 6 million SEK where the purpose of raising capital has primarily been to continue to increase Tingent’s already strong growth. The capital will go to strengthening sales and delivery teams as well as to the company’s first major investment in PR / Market activities.


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